i’m building a bridge

to the other side of this body i’m in

made of black and tan bricks

held together with glorified spit

and i wish yes i wish

i wish i could see what the other half sees

i’m huddled up tight

a war is breaking out tonight

was there always this light

makes me feel so hopelessly alive

but i hope yes i hope

i walk where i want me to go

part of me wants to break free but these

protein sodium

guanine and adenine

do they make me me

are they even listening

lanky thin at the wrist

funhouse image of happiness

shirts hang loose on this kid

who feels so much bigger than he is

but i am yes i am

i am in tune with this pulsing room

when i close my eyes i see these

neon pathways

thymine and cytocine

drafting my wants and needs

they’re all laid out for me

back to the sunday commute

north on west end avenue 

find that red cushion seat

just some water to start with if you please

i don’t know i won’t know

i just pretend like i’m in control

i bought a leash but it’s still dragging me

cruel biology barking incessantly

you love her you love her

go touch her go touch her

you love her you love her 

no no no i don’t even know her

but no no no you love her you love her

she turns to me

what can i get you to eat

just the regular please