Dancing in the Kitchen

I wasn't bored
I was waiting
For ovens to cool
For the fading

And then you said
Then what’s with the phone
You didn’t come to be alone

I’m here beside you if you’ve forgotten
To toast relations all misbegotten
In wrinkle-free cotton

So come on
We’ll talk in these circles til dawn
Some passionless cadenza
So long
Great while it lasted and fun
So one more time with feeling
And this time I’ll be leading
In three-quarter time with a hum

I wasn’t cold I was frightened
And just self-prescribed some excitement
Then we got all hot-glued in place
Quick-bonding, unsafe

And I chopped up onions and you got teary
And you told old stories and I said
Is that how you're feeling

Well alright
Communication satellites 
Keep nipping at your wristwatch
Ok in that case I’ll be on my way
But thank you for the dinner
And scheduling a sitter
And learning to love Thunder Road

Cathy Davis needs a new printer
A color inkjet with a scanner
To christen her manor

And Cathy Davis don’t need no lover
Who’s kind, plainspoken just like the others
If she had her midwestern druthers

Each night
She’d pour out a half-glass of wine
For dancing in the kitchen
And she glides, wool socks on the laminate tile
She’s dancing in the kitchen

An unmatched exhibition
Pure art without ambition
Just dancing in the kitchen
Just waiting for food to arrive