Kyle Kerley

Kyle Kerley
I’m sorry to report
But the book you bought 
For me last summer 
Didn’t stay the course

The introduction’s fine 
And ‘Hands’ was worth my time
But after that 
The other pages broke free 
From the spine

And when Winesburg Ohio 
Fell apart in my hands
I took it as a sign 
That I didn’t think you would mind
It’s the first book I won’t finish 
In a long long time

Oh Kyle Kerley
You’re moving out of state 
And you’re living in a city 
With the same damn name

I think you’ll be just fine
If you breathe and take your time
And after that you’ll find a clinic you can work inside

And when you think of Ohio
Make a fist with your hand
I’ll take it as a sign 
That you’re on the people’s side
You’re the first one I’ll be missing 
In a long long time