the kids they’re undressing long past the last light

they’re threading through tank tops and taking off tights

just to flirt with the feelings that aren’t worth the fight

as they toss themselves into the noise

the kids they’re all yelling and screaming i’m told

the pure incredulity of growing old

so for now they employ recreational cold

to fend off their futures and fate

at least til they graduate

so go jump the lake if you want to

go love every living thing there

but you won’t find me there

the kids they’re all sipping each other like wine

they found in the basement next to turpentine

on the paint-splattered toolshelf of thin metal sheets

upturn those young drinks and repeat

and the kids they’re all loving each other so well

but the clear eyes on campus say we’re going to hell

so our promised damnation should make this feel better

but our hearts burst right through our sweaters

and the kids they’re all stretching their bodies and minds

and waking up strangers in twin beds entwined

with their past selves’ potentials and awkward first tries

all stitched together with lies that they find

on the parchment of campus, on block west of high

where we show off ourselves and shrug off the uptight

and the well dressed composers of crumpled-up lines

we highlight, cross out, and tattoo

so go make that leap if you need to

and show bashful wants when it’s right

but mine, i’ll wad up and i’ll bounce them against

the wall that we share every night

and the kids they call learners sit sleepless tonight

plain terrified of the thoughts that they hide

from their fine, young acquaintances cheering outside

in the night, in the night, always in the night

they say how can we know we know all that we know

cause with each passing day i grow and i grow

more and more lost i’m told, til i’m told til i’m told

i’m repeating myself again

so whether or not a storm is in store

more sure than the soot in the water i pour

in the depths of my pottery bitterness absorbs

and it blackens the collar of the sink

he says why do i hide if i want to be seen

just hoping for extroverts peeking through screens

to knock on my window or the chipping front door

and prop me up on the wall

and say we haven’t met before

but your face makes me want to know more

and i’m sure that you feel the same thing when i say

i grow more unsure by the day

and your home is so poorly maintained

and no i don’t wanna be this vain

and i know you’re not seeking out praise, but

you have such a comforting face