Lullaby for Emerson Danielle

i hope you never hear this
i hope you’re fast asleep
i hope your eyelids flutter
with every colorful dream
i hope you teach my sister
to love her lack of sleep
i hope you melt her mister
to puddles at your feet
i hope you grow up slowly
so I have time to see
how cells divide and conquer
how one and one make three
i hope you fight your mama
and throw all the food that she wants you to eat
i hope you yell at daddy
when all you need
all you both need is sleep
i hope find somebody
to love you blind and young
but when they up and leave you
i know you’ll plod along
i hope you scare your father
when you leave the place you’re from
your mother waving goodbye
what a woman you’ll become
so go to sleep
emmy you need
plenty of energy

January 2015: Special song for the Emerson that the band is named after.