May 2018

I’ll tell you when you’re sleeping
I’ll tell you wide awake
But this month of May
We don’t have much to say
So we’re spending a few weeks away

I flew out to Colorado 
For a business trip that May
And I stayed for the weekend
But I tried not to sleep in 
So I could go walking all day

Had a hotel near Deer Creek Valley 
In a sad and soggy way
And the mud nearly glued 
To my mesh Nike shoes
But the hikers were kind anyway

And I looked ill prepared
But I guess they don’t care 
When the sky is this sullen and gray

We both know where it’s ending 
And we’ll walk there arm in arm
Keep marriage at bay 
While your parents say 
Good-looking and sunni

And I followed a sign that said scenic
But I didn’t find much to see
But the clouds led the breeze 
And the wind and the trees 
Made the hair on my knees stand up 
Straight for the first time in days. 

And I snapped you a handful of pictures
But I didn’t send them your way
I don’t quite understand
But I stuck to our plan 
And recorded what I would have said

We both know how it’s ending
But we’ll draw it out long as we can
Keep marriage at bay 
While your parents say
Good-looking and sunni

The next day I drove to the city 
And I parked on Larimer street
Found a rare vintage scene
Found a retro wet dream 
And paid eight bucks to feel out of place

Found a classic tigers logo 
On a jacket on a hanger on display
And I bought it for dad 
With no room in my bag 
So I wore it for the rest of the day

Maybe looked like a fool
But you couldn’t ridicule me 
Cause we’ve still got a few weeks to wait

We both know why it’s ending
But we’ll do all the math by hand
We’ll keep making hay 
While your parents say
Good-looking and sunni

I’m a big fan of us 
And I’ll miss you so much 
So I guess all of this is to say

I love you when you’re sleeping
I love you wide awake
But this month of May
We're both making some space 
And I don’t think there’s much else to say

In two months and change 
We’ll be landing this plane
If we crash then it’s just us to blame