An invitation to our pre-lease show | Listen to The Western Den’s new record

We’re playing the last show for several months at Rumba Cafe in Columbus, Ohio on Monday, 2/11 at 7:30pm. We’re going to play on our favorite local public radio station, WCBE, that day at 2PM.

We’re going to play most of the songs from our unreleased, unrecorded, unheard-even-to-us record. We’re celebrating this with our heroes, The Western Den, who just put out a beautiful record.

I wrote a poem using only lyrics from their record that came out on Friday. If you click any of the words, it will open up the corresponding song in Spotify.


I first found The Western Den in a year between colleges. I had spent a year that I shouldn’t have spent at Belmont University and spent the summer back home in Dayton before studying literature at Ohio State University. A friend (hi Michael Dause!) was touring with The Accidentals, and they were playing a show at Berkeley.

Berkeley was streaming the show, and there were two bands on the bill. The Western Den was the other. So, in my childhood bedroom during a weird and awkward pivot point between childhood and adulthood when I was spending my days at the phone book company as an IT intern, I listened to this show.

There was no video feed that I remember - just a stream of the college radio station online, complete with awkward silences and set changes.

I was taken by this Western Den band that I had never heard or heard of before. Their arrangements are careful. They never step on each other. They never get in the way. But they cook up a mood and toss melodies back and forth without ever feeling too busy. And the arrangements never got in the way of the song.

A month out from the studio, with a growing list of friends and session players filling out these new songs, I’m thinking about these folks a lot. So I’m overjoyed to listen to the record, hear so much happening in each song without detracting from the song itself.

We had a Bed by 11 show with them over a year ago. It was one of my most favorite shows. I’m looking forward to next Monday the 11th. And I’m looking forward to celebrating their beautiful record. And I’m looking forward to hopping into recording our own right after.

Next show will be the last show for a few months. Then we’re working hard. And I’ll keep putting something here every week, but that’s more for me than anyone.

Also PS If you know any labels who are hankering for a band with a triumphant song about a daring middle-aged woman on an airplane flight from Arkansas to Oregon to meet her estranged high school boyfriend after roughly two decades apart, send them our way.

I’m excited about that song.