you are the absent moon
pulling the tide too soon
when turtles hatching under sand
they’re digging themselves out again
i’m there i’m there i’m always there
so come you seagulls and bring your cutlery
come dine on the hatchlings stampeding to the sea
the green flippered masses of potentiality
for your feasting pleasure, so at least
tip your waitress please
you’re my magnetic moon
and everybody else’s too
i’ll fight my way from underground
to you i’ll swim until i drown
i swear i swear i swear i’m almost there
but in fly the future dose us with reality
come dine on the dreamers and the tunnel visionaries
the dark fuzzy masses of mustaches and goatees
for your grooming pleasure so at least
tip your wing
and i hope i’m not too close to see
i’m just as lost as all the rest around me
so temper all your passions
and live simple and free
divorce from surface pleasures
and build a hovel deep
but above the predators of love
will come to find their peace
but you’re afraid of seagulls
so you’ll never see the see
so i hope you sing some damn good melodies

August 2014: Early demo.

August 2017: This song almost died two years earlier, but Jack sent a voice memo of him playing keyboard on top of a demo. I blame Jack for this song being on the record. And I blame Kyle Kerley for playing the horn so beautifully.