dear sam


i suppose this is the internet now.

and i suppose this is what the internet is for.

this website will be a place to go that will hold all of the things i/we make over time. there is a songbook that has lyrics to a bunch of songs recorded under hello emerson and me as a single adult human. there are some photos of us doing things in front of people. one day there will be physical music to buy, and maybe even shirts and hats with images on them that remind people of the music that we make.


but first and foremost, this is a folder for me to file things away in. i'll remember lyrics here. i'll link to songs here. i'll ruminate here, but not too much. i may just write letters to myself, like this one.

but remember - this isn't important. this is just an art project. it's the same as someone who likes woodworking and puts a bit of their paycheck into a special little fund that they use to buy lumber and tools. maybe a fancy new awl for making wood super smooth. for making a bookcase. and then people see the bookcase in their apartment when they're over for dinner, and they're like "wow, what a cool thing," and the craftsperson nods and says, "yes, i'm happy you think so."

songs are much like bookcases. but they come off as a bit more needy. they pine for attention more than furniture, sounds bouncing off of drywall and such. though some chairs are quite intent about being sit on, and creak in relief when you do so.

the long and short of it - there are more important things happening in the world right now that are worth fighting for. there are reasons to be in streets organizing against things that you find unjust. and in support of things you find just and good.

but sometimes hiding away in songs can be nice and helpful. and can fill your tank with some fuel you might need as you go from place to important place with the humans you hold dear.

i hope these songs can fill some tanks.