THANKS | Tristan L'Heureux

Corbin Pratt introduced us to Tristan when we mentioned needing a string trio. When Tristan arrived at my house for the first string sectional, I was super comforted. He immediately descended upon his sheet music and started marking it everywhere.
Tristan remembers when we decide to do something as a group. If we decided to put a crescendo somewhere, he’d mark it in, and every time after that, there would be a crescendo there (Looking at you, Brody McDonald). We always knew that we could count on Tristan.
When I sent out the “save the date” email for the release show, Tristan was one of the first to respond with a relevant gif. I’m excited to play with him again, and I’m excited for everyone to hear him.
Til then, hold high your favorite relevant or irrelevant gif here.