Update in Offenbach

Today, we played at Hafen2 in Offenbach, Germany. It’s this backyard stage and nonprofit smorgasbord. WIth like, animals and sheep and roosters that keep crowing and coffee and cakes and sandwiches and food and all that good stuff.

We played for an hour on a big ol stage for a bunch of people enjoying their Sunday afternoons. The sound was great, the children were dancing, and the weather was the perfect bit of windy.

We talked to a few people after. Max had cool glasses and a great hat. He bought a record.

Klaus found our music online, watched a stop motion video that I made in my room, then decided to come. He bought a CD. He said he enjoyed the show, and he’s sharing it with his girlfriend; she’s handicapped, so she couldn’t come.

We talked to Felix, who mentioned that he’d like to hear Lua in a comment on Instagram. We started out the set with Lua, and he sang along to all the words. He bought a record.

And this is all even before mentioning Andrea - the head honcho here, and matriarch of what seems like an army of people doing good things well. From music to movies to food to farming - she’s made a place that sustains art in every form. She also set us up in the most charming little converted trailer home we ever could have hoped for. Dan and I will be sleeping in ~separate rooms~ and on ~separate beds~, so yes, we’re living the life of luxury.

Even our taxi driver was a poet - we’re facebook friends now after he let us pay in Danish Krona - the only cash we had on us. He says his manager will work it out. Then he wished us luck, one writer to another.

Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and eat breakfast here. Then, we’ll pick up a rental car. Then I’ll learn to drive on German roads. Then, hopefully, we’ll get to the next gig. And the next. And the next.

An audibly disgruntled rooster just marched by me. A few people stared as it puttered through, then we returned to our conversations.

We’re meeting a lot of good people. We’re meeting people who like songs and music and all that. We’re meeting great songwriters like Wayne Graham. We’re meeting people who laugh when I mention Ohio for the fourth time in a set. We’re finding our legs. And we’re hoping that the road ahead is good.

I’m finished with my tea, and it looks like rain. I’m not sure what’s to come, but I’m glad we came.