The Home Stretch: No More Driving

Over the past few weeks, I’ve driven about 4500 kilometers. I’ve spent literal days in my little Volvo hatchback. We’ve taken a liking to each other. I guess I don’t really know how it feels about me, but I’ve got a pretty big crush. But our relationship came to an end this morning, Mario and I dropped off the car. Lil Volvo can’t hold a candle to my little purple Honda Fit back home, but it was a splendid companion for a few weeks.

I stayed with Mario last night. I met his partner Kristina and their kids. Leo is seven. Benno is 2. They’re great little dudes, even if they’re a bit cranky in the morning. We’ve all been there.

I’ve done my laundry. I’ve had my breakfast. I helped drop off Benno at school and Katherine at work. We’re evening up on money and will head to Berlin tonight for the first show with Lilly Among Clouds. Popping about the country one more time before heading home.


It’s the day after September 11th. I’m sitting in a city square in Dresden. A little artisan fair is set up. Beer and brats and currywurst is everywhere. People are selling spices and purses and belts and cooking ware and everything else under the sun. For some reason, Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” is playing on loudspeakers. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not. I remember that being a song in response to 9/11. But really, they’re just playing english language radio hits in the square, so it could be a coincidence.

I sat in this same courtyard last year. I waked through the same streets. There’s a bit more construction in the old city. There’s a bit more going on in the courtyard.

The song just changed to a jaunty song in German. Maybe someone slipped the Springsteen song into the playlist because of 9/11? Maybe there’s just a Springsteen fan at the decks? I won’t figure out, but I like to imagine some people love that song without having any idea about why it exists. Like “Born in the USA.” Bruce seems to have cornered a good bit of the market on patriotic songs devoid of nationalism (or maybe the other way around?).

I brought a little Bluetooth keyboard with me on this trip. It connects to my phone, which connects to a writing app, which syncs to my computer when I connect back to the internet. So, I’m just sitting on a big cube on the sidewalk, cross legged, with my phone perched on my left leg, and my keyboard between the crooks of my knees.

Anyway. This one is mostly for me. I’m looking forward to being in the backseat. I’m looking forward to seeing some shows. I’m looking forward to getting to the airport and getting home. And I’m looking forward to looking back at everything.