A Couple of Photos Prove That We’re Actually Playing Shows Out Here

Bless the photographers we’ve met along the way - we’re finally getting a few photos of shows in action, and dang does that make me happy.

Last night in Karlsruhe, Lorenzo, Manuel, Matthias, and the whole crew at Cafe NUN made us a home cooked meal and wrangled a wonderful room of folks eager to listen to songs. We ate curry family style and had all of the Bavarian beer we could drink. We’ve constantly been spoiled by these listening rooms - folks are whisper quiet as super engaged the whole time. At home, great beer and quiet rooms don’t normally go hand in hand. They sure do here.

The show went great - I broke a string, but Kenny from Wayne Graham came to the rescue with his acoustic guitar to sub in for mine.


Nathanael took a bunch of photos of the night - I’ll repost most of them on Instagram (his handle is @nthnlsll). Someone heard us on an Austrian radio station and made the hike to see us live. She said that the host played a handful of our songs on the program - so they bought a CD.

Another fella bought a record - he’s going to play both us and Wayne Graham on his program “International Noise” on Bermudafunk - an online radio station in the area. Or maybe not in the area. Online radio stations might be able to be anywhere.

Nathanael was snapping photos all along the way. Feel free to find him on instagram at @nthnlsll - all of the photos of us here are from his lil camera.


Dan and I slept in an adjacent apartment with yet another gracious host. Our room in the attic connected to a rooftop apartment, so I strung my guitar during the sunrise the next morning. We all had breakfast together. Coffee and bread and jam and honey and yogurt and fruit and a heck of a view.


After that, Dan and I Walked around and found a palace/museum with an entry fee and a free state park. We opted for the state park. We saw ducks. We saw cranes. We saw an older man playing acoustic hits from Kansas to John Legend to no one in particular. We found a huge play structure/rope jungle gym thing and climbed to the top. We found something I can only describe as a long trampoline? And dogs. All the best, most goodest boys you could imagine.


We grabbed a coffee and drove to Freiburg - just about an hour and a half south. We always seem to park on a street that’s more picturesque than the last. So taking a walk never seems like a bad idea.

So, now we’re loading into Swamp. Saintseneca is playing here in November. We’re playing our last show with Wayne Graham here tonight.

The owner here, Carmelo,  is going to buy us all schnitzel. We’ll eat at 7. We’ll play at 8:30. We’ll sleep at a nearby hotel. Here's to show 14. Two more with Dan riding shotgun. Then five more riding solo. Then back to a place where I can pronounce the street signs.