Thanks | Alexander Paquet

Alex is one of the first people I met in Columbus at the Kafe Kerouac open mic night. He may have played a song by The National. He may have played a Cheryl Crowe song. He may have played a song by The Microphones that I thought he had written for the first few weeks. But, whatever it was, we slowly picked up a little friendship. He made me think about songs in a different way, and then I quickly returned to my old way of thinking about songs.
We moved in together in August of 2016, and my opinion of Alex has only grown in the time living together. He was always the first one up and out of the house (thanks for making some of the best coffee in the city at One Line) and always pushed himself artistically and academically. He’s studying accounting, and I’ve never seen someone so passionate about economics and numbers in such a genuine and wonderful way. 
Alex has been an inspiring and welcoming friend throughout the past months. He’s helped me understand me, and he’s helped me accept and love my domestic idiosyncracies around the house. He’s opened my eyes and ears to new things, and his ambition makes me want to push myself harder.
You’d made a friend for life, whether you meant to or not. Thanks for being the first sounds on the album.