Thanks | Tony Rice

When we play shows, I try not to be anxious about sound. If I see Tony behind the board, all my anxieties flutter away like they were never there to begin with.
Every time we were at Brothers Drake, Tony’s been there to have our back. When we played Sofar at MINT, Tony was there to make sure that everything sounded great.
We played with The Western Den and Honeysuckle at Brothers Drake just recently, and Tony sent us a recording of the show a few days after. Just because. What a lil fella. That night, Dan said that I should ask him to do sound for the release show. And wouldn’t you have it, he seemed unfazed by the number of Hello Emerson members that we were planning to have that night.
So, thanks to Tony. You make things sound great. And you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into on August 25th.