THANKS | Annelise Powers

I’ve known Anna the longest of anyone who helped out with the record. She’s my older sister by three years. So, I’ve know her all my life. Sibling powers, activate, and all that.
We didn’t get along terribly well when we lived together. Even when we did, I never really understood her. We’re very different. I tend to find a safe place and hide in it. She tends to see places that should be safe and venture to change them, come what may.
I got a phone call when I was in my freshman year of college at Belmont University. I walked out of my dorm at Pembroke Hall and paced the hallway as she told me that a child was on the way. I was scared and I was excited. And now I’m an uncle. And Anna’s become one of the most wonderful mothers. I’m excited for her life as she makes it, and of course I’m ready to continue becoming the uncle I think I’ve always wanted to be.
Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your digital design savvy. Thanks for your daughter, who’s made the family feel more whole that I though we could feel.