THANKS | Daniel Seibert

I met Dan during my first year of school at Ohio State. We lived in Baker Hall West together, but I didn’t meet him until a Tune-Yards show at the Newport. He was with a group of pals, putting paint on each other’s faces. I, a stranger, was invited to join in on the fun.
Dan is one of the most talented musicians I know. Dan’s also one of the best people I know. He’s diligent and hardworking, and pushes me where I need to be pushed. He’s a great arranger, and took my attempts at string parts and made them make sense. He always asks if there’s more that he can do, and he calms me down when I need to calm down.
Nothing would sound the way that it does without Dan. Since starting to play in Hello Em, he’s joined a slew of other Columbus bands. And he seems to always steal the show in whatever he’s a part of. Thanks for everything, Dan.