THANKS | Jason Dutton

Jason runs the open mic where I first shared songs in Columbus. He made a good and supportive environment, without making things too comfortable. I admire the way that he would cordially inform people studying in the south room that it would become an open mic in a few minutes. So get out while you can.
I like the songs that Jason writes, and how he performs the songs that he doesn’t write. For a while, I thought that he wrote a Weakerthans song about a cat. I have since listened to the original song; it sounds like a bad cover of a Jason Dutton song.
Jason was always encouraging, when I would walk up on Tuesday nights from my first dorm on Ohio State’s south campus. As I start writing new songs over the next half year, I’m looking forward to stopping back in more often to see what works and what doesn’t.
Thanks Jason, and thanks Kafe Kerouac. Thanks for welcoming my into Columbus a few years ago.