THANKS | Tiera Suggs

So, I’m not comfortable with photographs of myself. I don’t have too terribly many of me, and the ones that I do have are normally of me holding a guitar on a stage at a bar.
I knew that we could use some press photos, and I’d would be more comfortable with them if I could make a big project out of it. If they were cool, and not just pictures with my face in them, then I’d be more inclined to use them, right?
So, Tiera came over to the house and played perfectly along with our shenanigans. I had ripped up several years worth of small notebooks. I always carry a notebook around in my back left pocket, and they seem to pile up over the years. Jack and Dan and I (oooo and Em helped too!) decided to use a leaf blower in the house to blow the paper about for some fancy pictures. And Tiera made us feel right at home doing so.
Tiera has a great eye for shots, and a great eye for edits. I wanted something natural, said so, and she went right back and shifted things into that theme. If you need photos of anything, Tiera can probably find a way to make even your best plans better.
Hooray for Tiera D Photo. Your photos are plastered inside our little CD case.