THANKS | Kyle Kerley

I met Kyle Kerley at the Kafe Kerouac open mic. Kyle is very important to me. Kyle is very important to a lot of people. Kyle is the best communicator I know. He will tell you what he’s feeling, maybe why he’s feeling it, and what he intends to do about it. But only after he ask you. He’s got a way of cutting through all of the noise and getting to the core of why you’re both talking in the first place. He’s plugged in, he’s empathetic, and he’s tremendously loving.
Kyle is a nurse, and a songwriter, and a flugelhorn player on the record. He’s also an arranger, and worked closely with Dan Seibert to make sense of all of my first arrangement ideas. He decided what worked, what didn’t, and what to do about it.
I hold Kyle in high regard. Recently I was writing down the names of people who I knew that I could call any time. Kyle is at the top of that list.
Looking forward to seeing you more often, watching a movie, and being surprised that you still play Pokemon Go.