THANKS | Corbin Pratt

I got a message out of the blue from a stranger on Facebook one day, asking if I needed pedal steel on any tracks. Of course, he was in the basement within a few weeks, sitting in on a practice, blowing our minds. He claims that he decided to learn to play steel after a breakup. If only we all were so productive.
Corbin’s a jack of all trades, but like a master of all trades. He’s played bass for us in a pinch and dished out the perfect pedals for a song, happily letting me borrow them for weeks on end. He’s a very kind and honest fella, excited by songs and excited to play. If you’re making a record, he’s the guy to fill in all of the nooks and crannies you didn’t know needed something.
The record wouldn’t sound near the same without his takes, which he laid down in all of two hours.
Thanks for the help and the happiness. And for lugging around the steel. Congrats on the new marriage; many years of happiness to you both.