THANKS | Jack Doran

If you play music in Columbus, there’s a chance that you probably know Jack. I met Jack at Kafe Kerouac during the winter of 2015. I had just started going to the open mic there on Tuesdays; he said to let him know if I needed any keys or drums. Cue the montage of basement practices, hashing out songs I had never intended for anyone else to play on. Then our first show on August 14th at Victory’s downtown, as a two piece: me on acoustic guitar and vocals, Jack on drumset. It was my 21st birthday, and we played with Battlefield Collective and Lou Kestella. It was a strange night, and it was a good night, and Evan and Stephanie were kind enough to provide a lil birthday shot of whisky.
Jack plays with Steven King, Zoo Trippin', Keating, and maybe more? All are worth attention. You can probably find him at Kafe Kerouac in a hat that says “The Band.”
We lived together for a year, and while we had completely opposite schedules, we’d seem to find ourselves in long conversations at least once a month. Those were nice. We don’t live together anymore, but I’d still like to seek out those conversations now and again, on purpose this time.
His keys are everywhere on this record. Months ago, he sent me a recording of him playing keys along to an early version of Seagulls. That song would have died a quiet death if he didn’t send that voice memo. Thanks for that, Jack.