THANKS | Victoria Butash

I’m not sure what to say about Victoria. I met Tori at King Avenue Five at an open mic that Jack Doran convinced me to go to. That night, I shared a few songs, Bridge among them. She saw something in me worth fostering, even when I couldn’t get all the words right.
Victoria is the muscle behind this record. She spent 72 hours with me in Oranjudio over two weekends. She spent dozens and dozens of hours mixing after a difficult move to Canada. She spent hours and hours on the phone with me, discussing what we liked, didn’t like, and were frustrated about. We butted heads more than anyone else over the past year and a half. And the album wouldn’t be as good if we hadn’t.
The biggest thanks to Tori. She’s relocated to Austin, Texas now after a brief stint in Vancouver. Say hello if you’re down there. And reach out to her if you need some engineering/mixing/producing/emotional supporting. She’ll have your back, and kick your ass into gear if you need it.