THANKS | Rob Bodary

Cousin Rob shipped me a USB flash drive full of music in a bubble mailer from Michigan to Ohio when I was in high school. In it, I found a bunch of Decemberists, Bon Iver, Das Racist, and a bunch of other artists who have seriously made a mark on what I listen to today.
From playing video games to writing passive aggressive songs about Bodary family Christmas and getting all of the cousins to sing the chorus, I’m thankful for who he’s been and who he will be to me.
He played bass on a few songs. But more importantly, we hung out the whole weekend. We ate food at Catalinas and Exotic Latino Grill. We saw a movie at Gateway. We walked around a lot. We learned and listened to songs. And he took a lot of selfies and arranged them into a collage to remember his trip. I hope he’ll post that below.
Rob does comedy up in Chicago with The Storefront. And he’s a mental health professional. I admire the balance he’s got, and I’m looking for ways to do the same.