THANKS | Robert Dunne

We had the pleasure of playing Rob’s personal music festival, Dunnefest, a few weekends ago. We met through Michael Dause, a pal and musician friend from my short time at Belmont University.
Dunnefest is one of a kind. Rob’s a sound and EMT guru. He’s got a bit of land out in the middle of nowhere Michigan. You can swim in a river in the morning and see the milky way at night. So, Dunnefest is the weekend where all of the family and friends descend upon the grounds, RVs and tents pop up, and bonfires go all night. Food and drink is plentiful, and all of the music is earnest. That’s a whole thing to talk about in person.
Anyway, late in the game, we forgot that we needed the sound of a van door closing to end “Uncle.” I made a post on Facebook, and within a half hour, I had eight or so recordings of Rob’s old VW bus (named Lucy).
Thanks so much to Rob for welcoming us into his family, and giving Lucy a chance to sing.