a new record | a midday show


Hi hello! Long time no read! Sam here with news.

We’re putting out a new record in 2020.

Thirty people sang on it! There are strings and horns and pedal steel and rock/roll electric guitar and clarinet and synthesizer!

I am excited about it! I think it is worth hearing! I think some people will find the songs useful and good!

There are two easy things you can do now to help us out

  1. Follow us on Spotify or your preferred streaming platform.

  2. Make a playlist and include our songs. Spotify algorithms track that junk, and it will help us out as new songs come out.

More news and details on that in the coming weeks. Also…

We’re playing midday show this Sunday - free tickets with the code below

This Sunday, we’ll play a show with local queer death pop legends WYD at the MacConnell Arts Center in Worthington, Ohio. If you’re not a nighttime person - then this is your kinda show.

Tickets are available here - and use promo code “owl” at checkout to get free tickets.

The show starts at 12:30, and we’ll play from about 1:30-2:30 with clarinet and saxophone.

See you there if we see you there - happy Friday.