THANKS | Erin Mason

Erin was the second person who joined in on Hello Emerson songs after meeting at a Kafe Kerouac open mic run by Jason Dutton. I saw her sing with Oliver Oak a bunch of times after that, and I haven’t sang with someone who has such a knack for feeling out a harmony so quickly and effortlessly.
She learned all of the words to an eight minute song in a few days. She sang beautifully on a couch with Jack and I when we did a session with On the Couch. Her voice is now on about half of the songs on this album.
On the last track, Erin and I crouched around a ribbon mic in Oranjudio, strumming and singing the tiniest song on the record, laughing along the way. It was early in the morning after a long night of tracking, and she was nearly late to work. Maybe she was. I just remember the speedy drive I took to drop her off, within a few minutes of the start of her shift.
Many thanks to Erin for the time she put into all of her parts, and the special occasions where we get to sing together. Be on the lookout for her first solo release sometime soon.